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Summer Menswear


The Summer Menswear Guide

Looking good in winter is easy. You have unlimited options of clothes to throw and layer together, but when it comes to style when the temperature rises, it can be somewhat challenging to understand how to dress nicely without drowning in a pool of your own sweat. Love the brands is here to answer that question, and to show you how you can easily survive hot weather in style. Still wondering where to shop for your new summer wardrobe online? At


Casual T-shirts

It's casual, it's basic, and summer is one of the few times where you can get a pass for wearing bright colours and wild patterns, especially if you aren’t the type of guy that usually wears that stuff. For the most day-to-day versatility, we recommend sticking to neutral colours like navy, white, khaki, olive. These colour combinations mix easily with one another. But swapping out just one item in your look – like your usual white t-shirt, for something like a floral print can give your look some much-needed personality and summer style. Check out Acne Studios, Isabel Marant and Paul Smith for their summer collection of graphic tees.  



Sunglasses are essential to protect your eyes from the blinding sun rays bouncing off the sand. Ray-ban  is always our go-to when it comes to stylish eyewear that won’t hurt your wallet. But if you're looking for a less classic look and want to rock the tinted lenses, or coloured frames check out our selection of customisable sunglasses here. Head on over to New Look or Uniqlo for sunglasses so affordable you won’t hate yourself if you lose them, or Yves Saint Laurent and Coach for their premium collection this summer. Laced Dresses



The chino is the perfect middle ground, versatile pair of trousers. It can go places jeans can’t, like dressed up with a sportcoat, Oxford shirt and dress shoes for formal business meetings. They're extremely easy to dress down. You can rock them with a t-shirt and sneakers, and it still won't look out of place. Summer chinos, like all the other items on our list, will be a lighter weight fabric version of what you’re used to in autumn. We recommend you go with a neutral colour like khaki, navy or grey first. It’ll give you the most versatility. After that, it’s free reign. Places like Tommy Hilfiger and Paul Smith have an army of colors for spring summer for you to choose from.

Floral Dresses

Swimming Trunks

It can be hard to find the perfect pair of swimming trunks, but this season Vilebrequin takes notes from classic swimwear from the 50s and 60s, offering a beautifully tailored trunk. The result is a refined, flattering, grown-up pair of shorts that says “I vacation in the South of France” and not “I’m at a motel pool in Florida”. Zara, River Island and Paul Smith also offer a wider selection of tailored swim trunks at varying prices, from graphic to plain in a vast amount of different colour. Find the perfect one for you! 



For a more casual encounter, to a trip to the beach or a morning run, we have the perfect shorts for you. Calvin Klein's chino shorts are ideal for a semi-formal event and can be paired with a white shirt or a graphic tee to give it that extra flare. Pull and Bear's selection of less formal shorts are also an affordable but stylish option. For gym shorts, check out collections by GAP or Adidas for high quality but thin and resistant fabric that will keep you dry while you exercise. 


Flip Flops

And last but not least, no summer wardrobe is complete without a pair of flip flops that let your feet breathe during the heat, are easy to slide on and will make you beach ready in a matter of seconds. Timberland and Hugo Boss both have a premium selection that will add some style to your relaxation. But if you're looking for more afforadable styles, River Island and Pull and Bear provide an array of flip flops in different materials such as rubber, fabric and faux leather.

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