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To our lovely users:

Hi, my name is Thomas, I'm the CEO of love the brands. love the brands is a shopping search engine working exclusively with brands. We bring you an unrivaled selection of products that you can buy directly from the brands' websites. All products are therefore always 100% genuine and come with the brands' unique experiences and customer services.

We make brand shopping easier. Our interface makes it easy to find, compare, complement brands and products while providing essential information that can be otherwise hard to find: free shipping and return conditions, customer services contacts, physical store locator... We want you to feel safe when shopping online and get the best experience.

Why did I start love the brands? Because it's not easy for brands to keep up with internet companies for online commerce. As technology becomes more advanced, I want to keep the connection between brands and customers alive and strong. We buy products from brands because we love them and the best way to show them our love is to support them and buy directly from them.

I hope you enjoy your shopping experience on love the brands! Your feedback is very important, don't hesitate to email me at




To brands:

We love you and we're here to help you grow your online business with traffic, data and marketing solutions. For any inquiry please use our contact page here.

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